Navona is an excellant Holistic Life Coach who gives the best treaments that I have ever experienced. You will know from the very first treatment you receive from her that she has the midas touch and then some! She is truely is a gifted life coach with her miracle hands that touch your positive energy field to the core! Thanks, Navona for your knowledge, positive energy, and being the #1 coach!

Cathy Simpson, RN, BSREH
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

I am so impressed and happy for you. You have worked so hard and waited patiently to get to this point in your life! You have been through so much too! A testimony that something good does come from something bad. I have no doubt you will be more successful that you ever dreamed! Thank you for your example! God Bless you always!

I have always been dubious of these kinds things, but then I met Navona who was able to explain things clearly. Then I sat down for a session with her and came out a believer! Navona was able to quell my anxieties and fears and encourage my dreams and passions, all within a couple of Reiki sessions! I look forward to continuing to soothe my soul with Reiki and Shamanic energy healing sessions with Navona.
Thank you!
Palaver Journal

Inner Light Healing and Navona’s Reiki practice are, quite simply, top-notch! At the end of a session, I am always relaxed and ready to tackle my busy life. Navona’s soothing energy is not only positive, but really allows me to approach real life situations. Through her I have been able to work through my fear of tornados in a positive, healthy way. She is a very gifted practitioner, and I have no doubt benefited from her services! I’d recommend her to anyone looking for similar services, and a few who aren’t!

The Precarious Poppy

Inner Light Healing is a great alternative to standard counseling. If you have on open mind and you want some guidance and aren’t into talking to a counselor, you feel judged by it, or don’t want to sit in a stuffy office please consider this form of healing. It can be done over the phone or in person and it really works!