Shamanic Energy Medicine

Shamanic Energy Medicine
What is Shamanic Energy Medicine?

This is a healing modality that is based on a holistic view of health and well-being as practiced by Shamanic Healers around the globe. A person’s health is assessed through a tracking process which indicates the alignment of the body, mind and spirit. This process is essential for determining the client’s internal well-being, external health, and aids in the healing of self and our relationship to other as well as our world around us.

Illness is believed to have an energetic origin based on traumatic events that the person has experienced through their life. These event can be recent or long ago and beyond immediate recall. The trauma leaves an energetic imprint, if left unattended and unhealed can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Therefore, the Shaman tracks a persons energy system for such traumas and then addresses the origins of this trauma at the energetic level. The Shaman then heals the imprint and any influences it may have on a persons health and their well-being. Helping the person to heal and become their highest and best self.

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Sometimes we may have trouble freeing ourselves from-limiting beliefs, which results in repetitive and damaging patterns of behavior. Our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being may be compromised, despite our best efforts to change. Shamanic healing is a powerful tool for tracking and getting to the root of the issues and its energetic source. From this energetic origin the issue can be transformed. This in turn frees us from old binding thought and behavior patterns and connects us to our dreams and the infinite possibilities available to us.

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