Shaman Discusses: Understanding Why You Do What You Do

 Understand why you do what you do. Learn what your greatest gifts are.

There are over 100 trait patterns in human behavior and structures in the physical makeup that have been scientifically and statistically validated.  The choices you make are driven by the different kinds of energy in your body; the strongest behaviors are vying for expression. Each individual pattern is reflected in your human body structure—some choices are because of the genetic makeup of the human structure and others are based on your life experiences. Once you understand the physical body that you live in, you will understand the spirit that is housed inside your body.

Each of us would like to know ourselves in more detail and to be able to understand why we do the things we do. Once we obtain this knowledge, we will have the power to better direct and manage ourselves and our relationships with others.

Until we become fully conscious of our personality, we will continue to feel frustrated and alone. Everyone at some point has searched for the knowledge that would expand their consciousness.  We search for this consciousness because it gives us courage and hope.

Through the years, philosophy and science have made efforts to define and organize a study of the human mind. The mind is a mysterious force in each one of us. History has shown us the infinite power of an individual mind. In order to express the powers of the mind, each of us must understand the structure in which the mind is housed. We must understand our own basic individual physical structure—this is the first step before anyone can master our physical body. We must understand the way our personality works and how it is put together. After obtaining that understanding, we then want to know how to repair it when it needs such repair.  We also want to make sure we operate it wisely within its inherent limitations.  By learning and gaining the knowledge needed, we will be able to realize our personality’s full potential.

Personology is a way of understanding individual human structure. It is the key to understanding individuality.  This understanding also holds the power to become a doorway to which the individual will pass to the next level of directing your consciousness. When this specific knowledge is applied to life, it gives freedom to release what no longer serves you. By using this knowledge you will start to understand and direct our innate individuality.  You will gain control over your physical body and you will be able to use it more fully and productively. Understanding the self opens up the possibility for an expansion of your unique spirit—a spirit capable of infinite accomplishment and progress.

Your spirit is the animating force within you.  To learn how to harness it, contact Inner Light Healing for a free initial consultation today.

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