Shaman Discusses: The Choice of Love or Fear Energies

Now is a time when the energies coming in are high and continue to pour into the crystalline grid of the Earth. We are all being guided by our Souls our higher self in every moment to choose Love or Fear.  The energy of fear and love cannot both reside in the same energetic space. There is no more sitting on the fence or sidelines, we have to make a choice of either Love or Fear in all our everyday situations. What are you going to choose?

The “fear” energy that shows up in our life is in the form of negative thoughts or beliefs and patterns of behavior that hold us in a state of fear. Fear shows up in our lives as worry, jealousy, competition, resentment, inner conflict and pain, anxiety, depression, sadness, anger or rage. These energies are literally held in our lower chakras and must be cleared out so we can open up to receive the new higher frequencies of the fifth dimension of love, joy, peace, and truth.

By clearing out these lower frequencies of the denser fear energies, which in the past we needed to feel safe loved, we release these denser heavy energies and we then become more open to receiving love. We also raising our state to a higher vibration of love. Love is a higher vibration of light energy. When you allow Love to flow into your soul it changes your experience of life on all levels; you feel lighter, brighter, more at peace, more relaxed your life begins to flow with more ease and grace.

To help you clear these lower vibrations of fear energy you need to take time out each day to spend doing self-care in some form of meditation, journaling, walking, listening to music or doing light exercise like Yoga or Tai Chi.

When doing these self-loving activities you are changing your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual inner landscape and becoming enlightened Beings. When you are in this state of self-care, relaxation or higher vibration of love, you allow the flow of the divine energies of light and love to enter your energy bodies. This practice will help open the door to enhance and deepen your own connection with your Higher Self also known as your “intuitive voice”. Sometimes referred to as the inner small voice that shows up in different ways for all of us. Our Higher Self is our direct connection to God/Universe/All That Is and knows what is our highest path of truth for our personal journey.

As we move forward in our journey with our own Higher Self this becomes an important key to navigating our path forward. We also have the invaluable spiritual resources to help us as we move forward in our personal journey and help us to help the energies of  Fear.

As we remove fear energies and replace with divine love we can begin to “trust” ourselves again and move forward with more confidence in our own abilities as Divine Beings of Love here to co-create of a new Earth of unity and peace for all of life.


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