Shaman Discusses: The Bear, a Power Animal

The Bear Power Animal

The Bear what a powerful animal!

The bear teaches us introspection, which is the observation or examination of one’s own mental and emotional state, mental processes, etc.  When we look within ourselves we find what we are looking for—discovering the answers to all of our questions. We all have lots of wisdom we do not know about, by slowing down a bit to listen to our own intuition, our inner knowing voice will tell us what we need to know.

It is useful to be alone sometimes, in order to focus and reflect on yourself.  This self-reflection can uncover the answers to whatever challenges you are facing. When the world seems very negative, dark, and confusing–our physical senses, reason, and logic can tend to fail. If it feels like the answers will not come to you when you need it the most–quite your mind, slow down and look within yourself.

You will then discover your deepest resources–your soul and the light of inner knowledge.

By being still and listening to your intuition, you will find the solutions to the challenges that you are dealing with. Keep a slower pace during times of darkness and confusion, so that you can contemplate the past and prepare for the difficulties ahead. The bear power animal can help you to rest, trust, and follow your instincts.

On the other hand, just like the bear, you need to know when it is time to come out of ‘hibernation’ and to interact with others.

The bear also teaches us strength and fearlessness.  The bear’s strength is not about physical strength, it is about inner strength.  The ability to stand up for what you believe in, to be able to set clear boundaries and not to compromise, even when you are under a lot of pressure.  By staying focused and grounded, you will be able to find the self-knowledge and wisdom which will provide you with the necessary skills for survival and healing.

Look for the bear for help with physical stamina, as it is the source of power for your inner strength, which can lead to emotion healing and renewal. The Bear teaches you how to make choices from a position of power, the importance of gathering inner strength, and then presenting it outwardly.

Take time for yourself to gather the power and strength to deal with your challenges. Stand your ground and do not wait for something to happened to take the action needed, do it NOW.

For more information about the bear power animal visit these sites:

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