Shaman Discusses: Power Animals

In the spirit world, there is another dimension that exists alongside our material reality and is populated with nonphysical being or spirits. In this nonphysical reality called the spirit world, you will find ancestors, archangels, ascended masters, religious figures, loved ones who have died, fairies, and power animals.

These spirits are helping spirit they help and protect us; we can call on them for guidance and protection. Some of these nonphysical being or spirits have been with us since childhood, others have appeared at the various time in our life when we need them. We may see them hear them and feel them. We can have many spirit guides throughout our life. They want to help us have a peaceful and happy life. They will not interfere with our free will and will come when asked.

When animals or symbols of animals start appearing in your life repeatedly, 3-or more time, you are being given a message from the spirit world. As you start being more aware of their insistence you will see them more often. There are several books out there that will help you define the interpretations. One of my favorite books is Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, Ph D. There is also several websites that will have power animal information. If you have further question please contact me.

The definition about Power animals below is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

A power animal is a broadly animistic and shamanic concept that has entered the English language from anthropology, ethnography, and sociology. A tutelary spirit guide helps or protects individuals, lineages, and nations. In the shamanic worldview, everything is alive, bearing an inherent virtue, power, and wisdom. In this context power animal(s) represent a person’s connection to all life, their qualities of character, and their power.

The term “power animal” was generally introduced into a contemporary language in 1980 by anthropologistMichael Harner, Ph.D., in his classic work The Way of the Shaman, pp.57-72, 76-103.[1]

Power animals are common to shamanic practice in both Eurasia and the Americas. They are the helping or ministering spirit or familiar which empowers individuals and is essential for success in any venture undertaken.

In the shamanic worldview, most persons have power animals or tutelary spirits which empower and protect them from harm, like guardian spirits or angels in the Abrahamic Traditions. In these traditions, the power animal may also lend its ward or charge the wisdom or attributes of its kind.

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