Shaman Discusses: Physical Traits and Conscious Thought (Part 5)

How we can help others- we can only help other by helping ourselves.


As we demonstrate the benefits of self-government and self-direction we give them the courage to try it themselves. People are desperate for purpose, for principle, for unfoldment have many fears to exert themselves. Too many people fear the pressures around them and too many submit to circumstances they could direct if they understood the nature which is inherently theirs.

No one can appreciate the answer until they have felt the need of the question. As other see our own unfoldment they will want to ask the question. We should make every effort to attain that pinnacle of self-direction which is announced by others asking us to help them, too.  Should we offer help before the others come requesting it, we will only be talking in the wind.

What it all comes to is this: we, each one of us, must work to gain domino over our own natures in order to realize the infinite possibilities of our spirit.  (As Stewart Edward White has said, you were born with wings, why be content to crawl?”) To do this we must take to heart every bit of knowledge that comes to us explaining the way we are built to function and apply it to the dominion and direction of that function. We should become our own best counselors. We should not only ‘know ourselves’ but we should govern and direct ourselves.

Your study of Personology will give you the information you need to understand the mechanism you inherited; the structure – the build – that is your modus operandi. From the knowledge of how you specifically are built to function, you gain the knowledge of what to do to increase your effectiveness of function. And from realizing the potentialities of your structure, from governing it wisely, from expressing it effectively and from directing it towards positive freedom of the unfoldment of your spirit.

Personology will help you achieve the knowledge of your structure, of how you are built to function so that by gaining dominion over that structure, you will be free to begin to unfolding the infinite powers of your individualized spirit. This is the purpose of Personology.

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