Shaman Discusses: Physical Traits and Conscious Thought (Part 3)

When dealing with the traits in the study of Personology it is important to understand that one of the most basic principles of Personology is that no trait is good or bad. They are just traits and everyone has them.

The only trait that is good or bad is an undirected trait, no matter what the natural expression of the trait is.  Traits themselves are universal and will vary in their expression depending on the polar function of that trait. It is important to be conscious of how they work and how you are using them when dealing with others. If not conscious of how the traits work they will easily become undirected traits.

Just as no trait is good or bad except as it is used, no trait has a limitation except when it is undirected. A trait left to its own function and mechanism may limit a person’s expression and unfoldment. When a person is conscious of the traits expressions they immediately have dominion over the trait that is being expressed and then the trait will function at the best possible expression.

An Individuals conscious choice is the turning point in a person’s process of enfoldment. Either a person will exert themselves to release their “higher self” or wallow in the clutches of an undirected trait.  Traits left to themselves will function automatically making a person more like an animal than a man, more like a creature than a human being. Unfortunately, it is true that most of us for most of our lives will allow ourselves to be dominated by undirected traits. We permit our “traits” to function purely, without the direction which can make them work for us – undirected traits will then “work against us.” We then wonder why “no one understands us” – why “others act the way they do towards us” – why “we find no peace and no harmony’.  why “communication between people is so hard” and why “we must always feel alone.” The answer is simple: because we lack the knowledge of our structure and without understanding and knowledge of the mechanics of a trait we will misjudge and misinterpret yourselves and others.

Inner intent – inside each of us has the sure knowledge that “we mean well” and yet, so much of the time other people think that we were really trying to smother them or hurt them and to block their way. It seems unjust, and we the turnaround and blame them for how we feel because of what they “have done to us.” But the real question is “have they really done anything to us?” Just because we know from the inside what it is we wanted to communicate to them, does not mean that we really have communicated it in such a way that they could understand?  So “Who is at fault?”

Well, of course, there is no fault involved; simply a mutual misunderstanding. We think we ‘know’ what we are doing – Our inner intent is positive. We know it is positive. We know we are “only trying to help” only “trying to communicate our ideas.” Why is this? Because our structure – our inherent mechanism of expression is perceived differently than that of the person we are dealing with. This in itself can be a barrier. We must consider how to best express ourselves in ways that the other person will understand us. First, by understanding how our structure is built helps to determine the form of the expression that comes from us.

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