Shaman Discusses Citrine Crystals

Citrine is yellow to yellowish brown or Smokey gray-brown stone. Citrine is believed to be of value in healing the spiritual self as well, as it is a powerful cleanser and regenerator. It carries the virtues of self-healing, inspiration, and self-improvement. Holding a citrine assists you to remain calm in the most challenging of situations. Because of this, it is a useful stone for smoothing group or family discord. It helps you listen to others rather than talking to them.

Citrine is known as the “success stone” because it promotes success, prosperity, and abundance. Citrine is a stone of good fortune, although it brings good fortune in sometimes unexpected ways. Along with prosperity and good fortune, citrine imparts generosity, to share the wealth. Citrine is a solar plexus chakra stone and is said to increase and magnify personal energy and power.

Citrine dissipates negative energies of all kinds. It also does not absorb any negative energy from its surroundings, and thus never needs energetic clearing. Citrine can be used to clear unwanted energies from the environment. Citrine enhances mental clarity, confidence, and willpower. It also increases creativity and promotes honesty.

Citrine relieves depression, self-doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings. Citrine is a stone that brings happiness and cheers to one who carries or wears it. Citrine also reduces self-destructive tendencies. Citrine helps eliminate fears caused by others’ ideas and suggestions. It can help one overcome emotional traumas and grief.

Citrine is good for general psychic awareness and spiritual development. Citrine clears the aura of negative energies and influences. It is also very useful for meditation. Citrine is a stone of protection, removing or deflecting negative energies of all kinds. It is also excellent for dream recall and dream work.

Citrine energizes every level of life.  It cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition.  Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity, and success.  It imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. Citrine will help raises self-esteem and self-confidence. Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression.  Citrine will help enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind.  It releases negative traits, depression, fears and phobias and is emotionally balancing.

For more information see The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

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