Shaman Discusses: When will you Notice?

Every 24 hours Lily Pad doubles in size

Place one lily in an empty pond. The next day there will be two, Then four the next, then eight, then thirty-two, etc. On and on that one lily pad and its offspring replicate until the surface of the pond is completely covered.

It has been said the general population will not notice that the pond has been gradually covered with lily pads day by day, in fact, the average human probably wouldn’t notice until the 28th day because by then the surface has become half-filled.

Successful People notice the establishment of a new trend around day 10. They are envied for always being ahead of the curve and widely considered by the “lucky”. They attract wealth seemingly. They buy stocks at their absolute lowest and somehow know when the price has topped out and will sell right before the price drops before everyone else does in other words. There goals and dream seem to come effortlessly and easily to them.

Are they really lucky—or just more observant than the average person?

The observant few are living their passion and understand the law of attraction. They clearly see an opportunity to achieve their passion/dream/goal and take action.

If you want to be successful and live your passion, ask yourself this question

When will you notice the lily pad?


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