Shaman Discusses: Rose Quarts

rosequartsRose Quartz is a pink quartz crystal whose meaning is about “Love”…. This love is all encompassing … love for yourself, your partner, your children your community and the whole world!

Rose Quartz is a stone whose powerful love will resonate to the whole body and heal all chakras. This pink quartz crystal has a powerful effect to aid your emotional healing… and helps heal relationship problems. The Rose Quartz crystals are a stone mainly for the Heart Chakra, the vibration of the heart chakra is all about the concept of “loving”  on the deeper emotional and spiritual levels.

The presence of this lovely pink love stone will send a soothing vibration throughout the room where it is located. It will bestow a peaceful and calming sensation that can assist in the healing of the heart… by dissolving anger and resentment.  Rose Quartz Crystal energy vibration is very effective in the healing of personal relationships. This may be why this stone is symbolic of the energy of love, peace, and calming energy.

All quartz crystals are profound amplifiers of energy. The presence of Rose Quartz will send a soothing vibration throughout the room where it is located. Not only will it assist you with healing yourself both physical and emotionally, but its energy may bring faith and hope to all within its vicinity.

heart rose quartsRose quartz crystals are excellent to use during your daily meditations for they will enable you to heal old negative emotions such as anger, resentment, fear, and jealousy … from past experiences. You may find that wearing one of these lovely pink crystals, will help you to feel more balanced emotionally.




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