Shaman Discusses: Did you know that the human body is electric?

body energyDid you know that the human body is electric? Energy vibrates at various frequencies, and when we operate at high frequencies, we are able to be creative, positive, mindful, emotionally healthy, and productive. The human body has an electrical frequency that can be measured in hertz (Hz) and the body’s electrical frequency can be increased or decreased.

Each organ has specific, measurable energetic vibration; the brain is the highest. Our energy functions much like a magnet and attracts experiences and emotions, food and other living things that are similar vibrations.

If you eat mostly high-vibration foods, which measure high megahertz of energy you will also be eating nutrient-dense foods. That is foods that are low in calories and high in vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

The energetic frequency of food is in many ways far more important than the “calorie” measurement of foods it is much less confusing. When we think about counting calories puts us in a negative state which lowers our vibration.  Think more about raising your vibration than counting calories. It is easier to focus daily on raising your vibration by eating whole plant base foods rather than worrying about counting calorie

The vibrational frequency, or electrical energy, of foods, can be measured. The energetic frequency of organs can also be measured, as can the human organism. A holistic cancer clinic in Spain created a long light bulb kind of device that could measure a person’s vibrational energy by how much of the light would light up while a person was holding it at the base.

What’s exciting…. is that these energies can increase! When they do increase, moods lift and human beings are able to transcend self-obsession, depression, physical and mental illness.

When your overall vibration is low, say from eating the , it will cause your resistance to below, then when a sickness comes along your body has a hard time fighting it. When your vibration is high the body will keep sickness at bay.

Healthy human’s beings have a daytime Frequency of 62-68 megahertz according to the Taino Technology in 1992, Bruce Tiano and his colleagues discover that when a human being’s frequency drops below 62, immune functions is compromised

Part of what help increase our energy is to focus on the positive. When we are seeking the good, rather than focusing so much on the elimination of bad. This all by itself has the potential to raise vibration!

The easiest way to know what raises your vibration is to take note of how it makes you feel. Does it make you have more creatively, loving productive, tolerant, flexible and happy (all high-vibrations emotions) or does it make you more anxious, pessimistic, scarcity-oriented, obsessive, tired, angry, fearful and miserable (all low-vibration emotions)

So as I say these words check in with your body and see how the words make you feel

Sprouted seed, nuts, grains                             Soda/pop

Leafy Greens                                                 Coffee

Vegetables                                                    all animal flesh and dairy products

Fruits                                                           Canned food

Nuts and seeds                                              all processed foods

Legumes                                                       refined sugar and flour products

Whole Grains                                                anything sweetened with chemicals

(Like NutraSweet, Splenda etc)


Part of the danger of our national calorie obsession is that the  manipulated, manufactured foods may be “lower calorie” but also more toxic, if the fats and sugar are man-made and stripped of all their original fiber or if neurotoxic chemical like MSG or Nutra sweet has been added to the food.

The goal then in regaining our health is to raise our vibrational frequency. Things that are documented to raise your energies are, meditation, genuine positive thinking, love yoga, forgiveness and acceptance, and raw plant foods.

Remember that high-vibe food are plant foods, especially raw. They are green smoothies, vegetable juices, salads and the other foods represented in the GSG-Approve food pyramid. They raise the energy of your cells, your organs, and your whole organism.

Make a commitment to eat a high raw, mostly plant based whole food diet because it has the ability to increases your vibrational energy also has the simultaneous effect of lower your calorie, lowering your toxicity and achieving a good macronutrient ratio of carbs, fats, and proteins

Remember the being in the electrical field with higher energies can increase your energies.

From Robyn Openshaw The Green Smoothie Girl, How to Eat Right in the Real World.





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