Shaman Discusses; High Vibration Plant Base Diet

Eating a high vibration plant base diet helps keep a person in alignment with their higher self.

Being a Shamanic/Reiki Energy Healer myself, I know how important it is to have a healthy body in order to work with the healing energies.  It is also important for the client to have a healthy body as well. When the body is healthy the healing is more effective and the Client’s body will incorporate the healing session better, more quickly, easily. Also, the body will process and integrate the healing into the body within a much shorter time period. When a person is able to maintain a high vibration they will have optimum health, energy to do the things they want to do and most of all it will help a person stay in alignment with their higher self.

It is time to really focus on healing the body so the body will work with the mind and spirit to help support and assist any healing of self in order to move us into this new spiritual awakening age and to help support and to help maintain the higher vibrations to keep us at the levels need to move through the spiritual awakening age daily.

The food we are getting in our stores and supermarkets are contaminated/processed dead food stripped of all the nutrients the body needs to survive and keep a person healthy. As long as we are eating dead processed food it keeps our vibration low and slows down our progress. When you are not taking care of the body and feeding it the nutrition it needs, it will get sick more often, the body immune system brakes down and it will get diseases that are deadly, it will age faster and the body suffers greatly. When you do a person does not feel good it is hard to sustain life and move forward to do what they were meant to do here on the earth. In order for having optimum health, a person needs to eat a healthy plant base organic food diet and exercise regularly.

They just have to start by taking small steps and soon they will be on their way to feeling great and living a high vibration life.

Several the great spiritual leaders are talking about eating healthy and how important is it to be healthy moving forward into spiritual enlightenment age.

Louise Hay has a new book “Loving Yourself to Great Health” this book will talk about what nutrition really means and how to cut through the confusion about which diets really work.

Wayne Dyer talks about the benefits of eating healthy.  Read his blog on “Let your food be your Medicine”.

There are many different programs out there to help assist people on how to eat healthier. Checks out a few of these listed below, find a program that will work for you. It is important to know and understand what is going into your body. Education is key Learn all about what you are eating.

Robyn Openshaw, GSGLife, the Green Smoothie Girl.  She has an easy and affordable program, designed to give people a place to start. She teaches them step by step how to get their healthy body back and to help them to raise their bodies vibration by eating a plant base organic diet. and

Colin Campbell’s book; The China Study and Forks over Knives movie on Netflix

Joel Fuhrman’s Book; Eat to Live

Katie Couric and Laurie David’s Movie: Fed Up

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