Shaman Discusses: Geranium Essential Oils

geramium flowersGeraniums (Pelargonium),  is a genus of flowering plants  (in the United States Geraniums are also know as storksbills). Geranium is a perennial shrub with small pink flowers and pointy leaves that are native to South Africa. Out of the many varieties of the plant, Pelargonium graveolens is the source of the essential oil. The oil is widely used in aromatherapy and contains a number of beneficial compounds.

Geranium oil is often compared to the rose essential oil for they share almost the same therapeutic traits. Geranium is sometimes considered the “poor man’s rose” and geranium oil is often an alternative to the more expensive rose oil.

There are several varieties of geranium oil, depending on where they are cultivated. The highest-quality and most expensive type is produced in the French Island Reunion, called the geranium bourbon essential oil.

Geranium is gently steam distilled from the leaves, stalks, and flowers of the plant. It has a sweet, floral-lemony scent that can have a bitter taste. The oil is extracted not from the familiar bright colored geranium but from the species pelargonium geranium Robert or lemon plant. Geranium has a stimulating and refreshing essence, which has calming properties and smells wonderful.

Geranium works extremely well on the emotions and is useful in many medical conditions. Geranium can be used for several things from frostbite to infertility and its antiseptic and astringent properties contribute to its general usefulness. It has a beautiful fragrance and makes it a pleasure to use either on its owned or with other essential oils.

Geranium is very effective for nervous tension, depression, menopausal issues, fluid retention and fluctuating hormone levels. It also helps with diabetes, blood disorders, throat infections and can be used as a nerve tonic and as a sedative. Geranium fragrance encourages relaxation and helps with pain tolerance.

The essential oil of geranium has become a cherished favorite to those with excessively dry or oily skin. It’s balancing effect on the skin helps to calm inflamed skin tissue.

Geranium oil can help diminish fears of abandonment, love, and commitment. It asks that one be more accepting and more loving of self. As we love ourselves more than we can fully commit to loving others.

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