Pricing Philosophy

At Inner Light Healing, we work with our clients who need  Energetic Healings who desire to be living to their full potential.  We will work with our clients  so that they can afford to get the healing they need.  Once clients get some of their limiting beliefs, the thought and patterns that keep them from moving forward– the laws of attraction will start working for them, allowing them to attract more opportunities and abundance into their lives.

Society has created generations of people who live in fear and lack. Until these fears and beliefs about money get cleared, people will have a hard time attracting to them wealth and prosperity. We are able to help heal those issue and blocks.

We are willing to work with our client so that anyone who wants and desires healing can get it, without the additional worry of going without the needed healing.  Please contact us to start living a better life today.

See our Services page to see actual pricing of separate services.