2016 Classes

Introduction to Essential Oils

This workshop will cover the basics of essential oils, how to use essential oils to help improve your physical wellness. the benefits of using essential oils and the different ways oils can be applied in everyday living. Call 910-632-0733 for the date, time and to reserve your spot .


How to create a Shamanic Sand Painting to help release old patterns

sand painting 1Sand Painting help to break through issues and barriers that hold us back from becoming our true selves. The practice of building a sand painting aids the energy transformation in a symbolic and mythic manner. As our sand painting shifts, so does the energy, and ultimately our soul’s or life journey. Call 910-632-0733 for the day, time and for a list of items need to bring the class.


Basic Meditation to Soothe your Soul Workshop

MeditationThe workshop will cover the basics of meditation including postures, environment, and tools of meditation and provide a variety of meditation techniques with the intention of providing the participant an opportunity to select which technique is best for the individual. Meditation techniques will include mantra repetition, guided meditation, use of music and sound in meditation, candle meditation, etc. Call 910-632-0733 for the day, time and for a list of items need to bring the class.

Reiki Share

A Reiki Share is a gathering of people with one or more Reiki practitioners for a Reiki healing session. A share can last anywhere from 3 hours or more. It depends on how many people are in attendance as to how long a share lasts. The primary purpose of having a “Reiki share” is for the participants to giving and receiving Reiki within an atmosphere of friendship and love. Participating in a share is also a beneficial way promote good health and well been. Call 901-632-0733 for Time and Location.


Reiki Attunement Class

Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught. It is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master during an attunement process. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source. As soon as this happens, the student has and can do Reiki. Reiki is easily learned by anyone. Reiki can be used for self-healing only or to help heal others. Call 910-632-0733 for the day, time and for a list of items need to bring the class. Manuals and training materials will be provided