About Inner Light Healing

About Inner Light Healing
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Life hands us many daily challenges and as we walk through life it is sometimes hard to shed those things that keep us repeating the patterns we no longer want in our life. Like bad relationships, habits that no longer work for us, negative thought patterns that keep us in a rut and many other things we cannot seem to stop attracting or keep doing over and over again.

Changing your negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves by the use of positive affirmations is a start. We can talk and talk about our issues to have them still haunt us. The things we want to eliminate in our life seem to come back again and again. “Why Me!” you ask yourself. Why do I keep attracting these types of negative experiences and distinctive people in my life? Why do I keep falling into this rut? Why am I not able to achieve the things I want in life?

As we go through our life all the negative experience we have left an imprint in our luminous energy field and remain there until it is completely removed and healed. The negative patterns in our life will keep repeating over and over again.

Inner light healing can bring about many changes in a person’s life by working directly with the Body, Mind, and Soul through a healing process that is designed for each individual. These processes will help you to transform your challenges into opportunities.

Inner light healing is a place where people can come to Heal Their Soul.

Munay “I Love you as you are”