How to prepare for your Shamanic Energy Session

18679166-zen-basaltsteinen-und-bambus-auf-dem-holzHave a clear intent and a strong desire for healing. Be willing to let go of the old patterns that are unhealthy and keeping you stuck.  The intent is important and will strengthen the effects of the session. Ask yourself the following example questions to help identify your issue you would like to heal during your session.

  • What is not working in my life?
  • What feels out of balance?
  • What is missing, or what qualities have I lost which I long to reclaim?
  • Are there unhealthy patterns in my life which keep repeating?
  • Are there people in my life to which I have an unhealthy connection?
  • Are there places in my body where I am regularly feeling pain?
  • Does my life feel out of control?
  • Are there themes in my ancestry which are getting repeated in my life?
  • Are there any negative beliefs about yourself you keep repeating to yourself?

 It is important to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs before and after your session.

After you session, it may take 1-3 days to fully integrate the healing you have received. Be sure to take time afterward to nurture yourself, with salt bath, walks in nature, time alone, journaling and drinking lots of water. The effects of the healing can be gradual or dramatic, each individual experiences this differently.

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