Benefits of Shamanic Energy Healing


Shamanic energy sessions focus on the following aspects: Power loss, Soul loss, Intrusion, Spirit releasing, Ancestral work and Energetic imprint in the luminous energy fields/auras. People experiencing any of the following are a candidate for Shamanic Energy Work:


  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Any type of fears
  • Repetitive negative behavior patterns/addictions
  • Emotional or health issues
  • Past emotional traumas that continue to haunt you
  • Apathy, numbness, lack vitality or fatigue
  • An unhealthy attachment to any individual
  • Chronic illness or weak immune system
  • A propensity toward addictions and destructive behaviors
  • Feeling of emptiness and loneliness
  • Inexplicable mood swings or personality shifts.

A Shamanic energy session helps individuals break out of the behaviors and patterns that keep them from reaching their wants, desires, goals and becoming their best self.

Shamanic energy sessions are very successful where other techniques have failed. When the individual is working with a Shaman they are participating directly in their own healing work. They are letting go of the issues that are blocking them from moving forward in life.

Shamanic energy sessions will:

  • Enhance ability to create desired life changes
  • release and transmute the negative blocks and fears
  • Increased vitality and power
  • Expanded sense of wholeness and well-being
  • Greater ability to release addictions and maintain change
  • Stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose
  • Strengthened immune system
  • promote positive health and well been.

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