About Navona

navona - Margo

1987 I started my quest to figure out what was wrong with me! Why I was in so much pain, unhappy and depressed all the time. Why did I keep attracting abusive people and relationships into my life? I was a people Pleaser and did everything within my power to try to make people happy. I soon learned that no matter what I did, people were still not happy. I sacrificed myself self to the point that I became very physically sick. I had no idea how to make my life better.

I was so unhappy and in a lot of emotional pain. I felt like there was always something missing, I didn’t know what to do to free myself from all these beliefs and negative patterns that no longer worked. No matter what I tried I still repeated the same behaviors over and over.

In 2005, I came across Shamanic Energy Healing. What a difference this made in my life. I was finally able to release all my old beliefs, fears, past traumas from tragic life events and the abusive relationship wounds. I finally was able to move forward in my life and feel free, healthy and whole again.

After working with the Shamanic energy I was able to figure out who I am and where I want to go, I start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I found my life’s purpose and started my Shamanic Energy Healing practice along with other energy healing modalities. It has been an amazing experience.

They call Shamans the “Wounded Warriors”

As I worked my Shamanic Energy Healing Practice, I keep hearing about Akashic Records over and over. I knew that this was something I needed to look into, so I took it as a sign and I purchase books on Akashic Records. I was fascinated and could see how I could add Akashic Records to my Shamanic Healing practice. Also how much more the Akashic Records would benefit my client in their healing sessions.

I become a certified Akashic Records Reader in 2016, Akashic Records Healer and Teacher in 2017. Learning and applying the Akashic Record modality has helped improve my life so much more and it is such a benefit to my client’s energetic healings. This Shamanic, Akashic Records healing process is so Amazing and so so Fast. It is almost unbelievable how fast the energetic healings take place. Try it for yourself Today! Feel better fast.

My Certifications and Training:

  • In 2001, Certified Personology Teacher/Life Coach. (Personology is the study of personalities)
  • In 2013  Certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Practitioner.
  • In 2013  Certified Shamanic Energy Healer and Practitioner.
  • In 2014 Certified Shaman Munay Ki  Facilitator
  • In 2014 Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner
  • In 2016 Certified Akashic Record Reader
  • In 2017 Certified Akashic Record Healer & Teacher
  • I have a working knowledge of Crystals and Essential oils.
  • I continue to hone my skills by continuing my education in the energy healing field.

I am so excited to share all the things that I have learned over the years with others who are looking for a way to heal their body, mind, and soul to get their life’s back on track.

Let me help you to Soothe your Soul! Contact me for an appointment today!

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