Shaman Discusses: Eighteen Universal Laws

Universal Laws constitute the framework or guidelines for our behaviors and what affects our lives. They comprise the foundation for what is expected or us and thus provide an expression of right living.

  1. The Law of One or Oneness – everything is connected, we are all one.
  2. The Law of Vibration – everything in the universe vibrates or offers a vibration.
  3. The Law of Attraction – you attract unto your life what you are offering vibrationally.
  4. The Law of Allowing – the state of allowing is the purest state of manifesting. Allowing things to move without resistance and to evolve and grow naturally
  5. The Law of Resistance – anything offering resistance will manifest itself into energy blockages, or stuck energy.
  6. The Law of Detachment – this is the law of releasing or letting go of your desire.“In order to acquire anything in the physical Universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it.”
  7.  The Law of Abundance – there is more than enough in the universe, nothing is limited.
  8. The Law of Intention – directing energy as intention is the first step of creation and desire, which results in manifestation.
  9. The Law of Intention – action must be taken in order to result in manifestation.
  10. The Law of Cause and Effect – every action has a reaction or a consequence.
  11. The Law of Pure Potential – everything and everyone is one of infinite possibilities.
  12. The Law of Rhythm or Ebb and Flow – all things has a rhythm, a cycle, or an ebb and flow.
  13. The Law of Polarity – everything has an opposite to it, an yen and yang, complementary opposites as part of a greater whole.
  14. The Law of Relativity – everything and everyone has challenges or tests that they will face allowing them to find the strength within.
  15. The Law of Dharma or Purpose – everything was created with a purpose
  16. The Law of Giving and Gratitude – the universe dictates that you must give in order to receive.
  17. The Law of Correspondence – the universe, or reality, cannot contradict itself.
  18. The Law of Love – love is universal energy in its purest most powerful state.

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