Welcome to Inner Light Healing.

Inner Light Healing is a place where people can come to soothe their soul and find their Inner Light.

Inner Light Healing helps to bring about the many changes you desire in your life so you can achieve your dreams and find your life purpose. We will assist you in your desire to become the best you can be, by working directly with the body’s energy, mind, and soul through the different energy healing processes that are custom designed for each person. These processes will help you to transform your old beliefs, fears, and life challenges into opportunities. We will assist you in finding your best true self and help to soothe your soul


Thank you for visiting our web page. Please be sure to see our other pages and read our blog. We would love to hear from you, contact us with questions, thoughts or to set up an appointment so you can start on the path to finding your true self and Soothe Your Soul.

Munay (I love you as you are.)